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If you face criminal allegations in Massachusetts, you could use some peace of mind — the kind that only a truly experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney can provide.

Charges such as assault, theft, OUI or domestic violence can carry harsh penalties. A conviction to any crime can lead to a criminal record, fines, immigration issues, and even jail time. The repercussions of a criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

Criminal defense attorney Patrick J Colvario knows what you are up against. He knows that the courtroom may be the last place you see your family for a long, long time. He works hard and litigates harder in defense of every client's freedom and future.

For a closer look at what his years of experience, legal knowledge and courtroom skills can do for you, contact The Law Offices of Patrick J. Colvario in Post Office Square Boston. Your initial consultation is free. If you are in custody, Mr. Colvario will come to you.

Vigorous Representation

Patrick J. Colvario entered the practice of law to advocate for innocent people and right the wrongs committed against them. He believes that every person has a right to a vigorous defense.

  • If the drug charges against you are the product of an illegal search and seizure...
  • If domestic violence allegations have resulted from a family member's vendetta...
  • If the basis for your sex crime arrest is highly questionable...

You need help.

You need help around the clock, help throughout your case; help in pre-trial hearings, help in open court. The Law Offices of Patrick J. Colvario offers the kind of help and hope that gives you a fighting chance. Mr. Colvario has dedicated his life to helping people like you avoid conviction, harsh punishments and separation from your family.


- Attorney Patrick J. Colvario Esq.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer